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Advertise with us...

Our Highly-targeted advertising

Here at Burlington Hotel we are undergoing a massive £150,000 renavation of our facilities, this includes Ten Tv Screens from 43" - 50" in our dinning room & bar area & Four more screens in our other public areas totalling 14 Digital smart tv's screens being viewed by our customers everyday.

With upto 120 guests every single day staying at our hotel on vatcation & using our dinning rooms facilities upto 3 times a day for breakfast, lunch & dinner while viewing our 5 big tv screens. Also with our main bar which holds over 100 people, hosts 5 big screens we have created the perfect environment to advertise your business to targeted customs who are on holiday on the island to see the sights and attractions the island has to offer.

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Display Areas

Advertise in the Dinning room, Main Bar, Quiet Lounge, Swimming Pool & Reception area. Also have your business added to our website

(Things to see & do page)

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Digital Screens

Advertise your business on all  14 large prominently placed landscape screens with sizes from 40" to 75" Sceens



With over 40,000 possible visitors a year, and many viewing our screens on average 3+ times a day this totals over 120k views

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Also our Website, Brouchers & Posters

With over 4.5 million visitors to the island every year and staycations on the rise since the UK leaving lockdown theres never been a better time to advertise your business & aim it directly to the right people.

There is a great range of highly-targeted, great-value advertising opportunities to promote products or services direct to visitors and holidaymakers staying with us at our hotel. It’s exclusively focused on an audience that’s on the island and wanting to visit attractions and popular places of intrest around the local area.

As well as advertising on our 14 big screens, added advertisment we include:

Link to your business website on our (Things to see & do page) which features on our main home page aswel as in our page links at the top of our website.


Prominent position of your business flyier in our main reception area.


A3, A4 Size Poster Pos Wall Displays around our hotel, Avalible for advertisment.

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Advertisement Packages

Full advertisemant from £5.88 a day

1 months.jpg

1 Month

Add length upto 20s

Displayed across 14 Screens

3 months.jpg

3 Months

Add length upto 20s

Displayed across 14 Screens

2 x A3 Poster Placement

2 x A4 Poster Placement

Your Website added  to our (Things to See & Do page)

Prominent postion of your brochure in main reception area.

10 months.jpg

10 Months + 2 Free

Add length upto 20s

Displayed across 14 Screens

3 x A3 Poster Placement

3 x A4 Poster Placement

Website added  to our Front Page Prominent brochures postion in main

reception area.

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Booking Your Package

To find out more & book your video advertising with us please use the contact form below...

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